Solar Panels Benefits for Businesses

With the continuously rising price of oil and the growing concerns for the environment, more and more businesses are turning to alternative sources of energy. Among the most popular of these energy sources is solar energy, a sustainable option that is becoming more financially viable every year.  As small, medium and large companies alike are […]
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How Solar Panels Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you are looking for a simple, cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint, then look no further than solar panels.  Together with the money-saving opportunities, the prospect of clean energy is why more and more solar panels are appearing on the roofs of properties across the UK. If you’re curious to learn more about […]
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12 Things You Should Know About Solar Panels (Part 2/2)

We could talk endlessly about the many interesting features and benefits of solar panels, but because we are conscious of your time, we have decided to limit ourselves to just 12. In part one of ‘12 things you should know about solar panels’, we covered their money-making capabilities, their hassle-free nature, and more.  Welcome to […]
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Solar Panels Success Stories

All around the world, public support surrounding solar panels is growing. The past decade has seen a drop in price and an increase in production, sparking a great deal of excitement as a result.  And this excitement is well justified. Considering the Earth receives enough raw energy from the sun in just one hour to […]
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12 Things You Should Know About Solar Panels (Part 1/2) 

 If you’ve been hearing a lot about solar panels recently, you may be aware that their prices are continuing to fall, and this fact alone is usually enough to pique interest.    Considering the ongoing rise of electricity prices, solar panels are simply making more and more sense to households and businesses across the UK. The […]
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Why we are the Solar Panel Experts

No doubt there are a lot of solar panel fitters out there willing to provide those interested with solar power. So why should you choose us over them? Well, this blog will cover some of the main reasons why MTG Energy Solutions are the solar panel experts that you need! We have a clear vision […]
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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Solar Panels in 2022

If 2021 taught us anything, it’s that we are undeniably on the verge of a terrible climate crisis. Wildfires, severe weather events, and extreme temperatures have all been on the rise, compelling more and more of us to action.    Rather than dwelling on some of the shocking statistics of the previous year, we are deciding […]
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Solar Panels FAQs

So, you want to learn about solar panels. Well coming to a solar panel fitters website is probably a good first step.  At MTG Energy Solutions Solar panel fitting is probably one of the areas of our business that we are most enthusiastic about. We get to spend time on-site working as a team to […]
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Image of Phase Out Coal Power Generation

Over 40 Countries Pledge to Phase Out Coal Power Generation

The COP26 climate summit saw more than 40 countries agreeing to quit coal for power generation, but China and the US, fail to join. What is Happening? More than 40 countries have pledged to phase out coal in a global pact made at the COP26 climate conference.  The world’s biggest coal consumers including China and […]
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Do Solar Panels Increase the Value of Your Home?

The Latest Findings!  Solar panels are on the rise, and in the past decade or so, they have become a ‘must-have’ feature for any environmentally conscious homeowner.    With more and more people turning to renewable energy, the same question is often asked: do solar panels increase the value of a property?    Up until recently, we […]
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Image of 2021 Budget relief, rates exemptions given to Solar PV

Solar PV & other green tech given business rates exemptions, relief in 2021 Budget

Solar PV, energy storage and other clean energy technologies are to be exempt from business rate rises from April 2023 as part of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s 2021 Budget, representing a major victory for the sector. Discussing business rates during his Autumn 2021 Budget, Sunak said the Treasury was responding to calls by the Federation of […]
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Boris Johnson Aims UK Electricity to be 100% Green Power by 2035

The UK pledges to make all electricity generation sourced from renewable energy by 2035.  What is Happening? Boris Johnson has confirmed plans for all of Britain’s electricity to be generated from green power and renewable sources by 2035. The aim will help the UK’s path towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.  Boris Johnson aims […]
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Image of largest solar VC deals

5 largest solar VC deals so far in 2021

Corporate funding of the solar industry, increased 190% globally through the third quarter of 2021, according to a new analysis by Mercom Capital Group. The report details 112 deals worth $22.8 billion in total corporate funding in the first nine months of 2021. There were 72 deals worth $7.9 billion over the same period last year. This […]
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Gates and Bezos Pledge A Combined $2 Billion to Green Technology and Conservation

The tech billionaires have both raised and pledged $1 billion each to develop clean and green technology, and towards conservation efforts for the world’s most vulnerable natural habitats respectively.  — Bill Gates has raised more than USD$1 billion from seven large American corporate companies to help fund the development of clean and green technology, in the fight […]
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Image of EV charging at home

UK to be the First Country to Require New Homes to Have Built-In EV Chargers

The UK government to introduce legislation that will mandate all new homes to have built-in EV chargers.
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6 Solar Panel Myths

I’m sure that you’ve heard a lot of myths about solar panels; ‘Why would I get a solar panel when I live in the UK?’, ‘What is the point in getting solar panels? I’ll never get my investment back!’. Have you said this before? If so this blog is vital for you! Myth 1: Solar […]
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Image of How to make Greener Cities in a Global Warming World?

How to make Greener Cities in a Global Warming World?

Cities are contributing to climate change more than anywhere else. Cities are also the places that will feel the effects of climate change more than anywhere else. There’s no doubt that cities are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, due to the energy that’s required for electricity, heating, and water. This also means that they have […]
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Blog Featured Image of Manned Aircraft

Solar PV Inspection via Manned aircraft

Some of the bigger inspectors of solar PV solutions have started to use Manned aircraft to inspect solar PV. This blog covers why and how…
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Blog Featured Image of Future of Renewable Energy is in your hands

What the Future of Renewable Energy Looks Like

Renewable energy capacity is set to expand 50% between 2019 and 2024, led by solar energy. This is according to The International Energy Agency (IEA)’s ‘Renewable 2020’ report, which found that renewable energy projects are rolling out at their fastest rate in years. making for the argument that the future lies in using renewable energy. 
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Solar Inverters

What Is A Solar Inverter and How Does It Work?

Solar inverters, also known as PV inverters, play a crucial role in the solar energy system. They are mostly considered the brains of a project. The solar panel inverter is beneficial in changing the direct current to an alternate current. Direct current is the power that flows in one direction in the circuit and assists […]
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Green Economy

UK’s Green Economy is Growing

A new report has found the UK low carbon and green economy to be four times the size of the country’s manufacturing sector. Despite experiencing a small downturn during the pandemic, the growth of the sector looks to be promising in the next five years. 
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Image of How to find your solar panel inverter

How to find your solar panel inverter

So, you may have heard from a previous electrician that your solar panel inverter is either broken or needs replacing. However, when you have the problem again you look for this inverter and can not find it. Don’t worry! In this blog post, we will cover what an inverter is, why it is so important […]
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Image of How to clean solar panels domestically?

How to clean solar panels domestically?

How to clean solar panels has never gotten easier! Solar panel cleaning is an absolute must if you want to get the best possible performance out of your panels.  Naturally, rain does a good job of cleaning them, however, it is still a good idea to give them a proper clean 3-4 times a year. […]
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Is it worth having solar panels on your house?

The answer is a resounding YES! Especially from a financial point of view as there are many benefits to installing solar panels. If you would like to read more on the benefits of solar energy take a look at our blog. The many advantages of solar energy Solar panels have become more affordable in recent years, […]
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We need to be the best!

The UK ranked sixth in the world for the share of electricity produced by wind and solar energy! Wind and solar power accounted for 29% of Britain’s electricity production last year. Placing the country sixth on the global league table. Globally, almost 10% of the world’s electricity comes from wind and solar energy. A figure […]
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Featured Image for New Solar & Wind Projects Will Be Cheaper Than Coal

New Solar & Wind Projects Will Be Cheaper Than Coal

According to a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), almost two-thirds of wind and solar projects built around the world in 2020 will be able to generate cheaper electricity than even the world’s cheapest new coal plants.  What is Happening? The report found that the falling cost of new wind farms and […]
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Blog Featured Image for Solar Scam

How To Avoid Solar Power Scammers

Today, scam calls are driving us all crazy, not to mention email inboxes full of junk. Solar panel scams can come out of nowhere, and if you’re not working with a quality solar installer, then there’s a chance that you’ll be tricked out of your hard-earned money. The idea behind solar energy is clean and […]
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Blog Featured Image for MTG’s way of doing things

What are the advantages of Solar PV

The best way to bring down the ongoing cost of your electricity is to generate your own and distribute it around your building. This makes you more independent from utility companies and their ever-increasing energy prices. Generating your own electricity from a renewable source such as Solar PV also gives you the added benefit of […]
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Blog Featured Image for carbon emissions plummeting

Australia’s carbon emissions plummeting to lowest levels in 30 years

Pandemic put a handbrake on transport emissions and slowed economic activity, while uptake in renewables also helped drive down levels. Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions dropped last year to levels not seen in more than 30 years due mostly to the coronavirus pandemic that put a handbrake on fossil fuel burning in the transport sector and […]
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Blog Featured Image for infrared heating

Why infrared heating is vital for winter next year?

Sick of losing heat whenever you open the door? With infrared, you can make your life that touch easier. Continue reading to learn why you should install IR this winter! As winter is getting closer and closer, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to heat your home during the colder months. Electric infrared technology […]
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