Electrical Contractors Specialising in Energy Efficient Solutions

We’re accredited installers of safe, reliable electric vehicle charging points.

We work with your specific requirements to increase your energy stability.

We can save you money whilst reducing your energy bills and carbon.

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Who we work with

Business or homeowner? Our market-leading electrical solutions reduce your dependency on electricity providers and help to significantly lower your energy bills.

Sick of those spiralling energy costs? Want to take back control of your energy and bills? We can provide you with cleaner, efficient solutions using renewable energy services and products. At MTG Energy Solutions, we can diagnose and assess your current usage and offer expert guidance on the best solution based on your requirements.

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Get started today with our specialist energy-saving electrical solutions...

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MTG Energy Solutions are your local, reliable and qualified electricians with a specialism in renewable energy systems.

We are your dedicated experts providing clean solutions across the UK, which not only save you money but also help the planet too!

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Get the benefits of energy efficiency

Gain better electrical performance without spiralling costs.

As experts in renewable energy solutions, we are trained and qualified to install and advise on the best aftercare for your solar panels. Even on a cloudy day, you can still use the sun's energy to power your property - day and night.

Get going with an electric charging point

Save money on your electric vehicle charging ports. We're OLEV scheme approved installers.

MTG Energy Solutions are approved, qualified EV charge installers, we work with both residential and commercial customers to help gain back control on safe, easy, convenient charging.

Are you a business? Benefit today by not only attracting new customers but actually retaining skilled staff and generating revenue which can actually help pay for the system over time!

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Discover the future of heating

Stay a comfortable temperature all year round with far infrared.

At MTG, we can assess your property and offer the best solutions which work for your needs. Far Infrared is an innovative, healthy, cost-saving way to heat your home or building. It works by using safe, harmless infrared beams (the same ones your TV remote uses) to heat up objects and people rather than the air.

Why choose MTG in Nottingham

As energy specialists, we're your one-stop-shop for electrical contracting works and eco-friendly solutions.

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    We have experience in helping customers save money whilst reducing their carbon.

    We’re not just an install team… We’ll survey, report, design, manage, install and maintain. So whether you just want to know what costs are possible for you or you want a complete end-to-end service, we can cater for your requirements.

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    We are an MCS certified business and we also work within the scope of the RECC scheme.

     This means all our projects are completed to the highest level of safety standards and that we only use quality products.

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    We pride ourselves in actually caring about you, especially during after-service.

    We put you and your needs at the forefront of our services.

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Unlike others who can only do EV and solar panels out of the box, we can recommend and provide a solution based on your requirements.