Sick of losing heat whenever you open the door? Switch to far infrared heating for the new, healthy & innovative way to warm up your property.

At MTG Energy Solutions, we are qualified far-infrared installers and works best for new build homes which aren't run on gas. This method works by firing harmless, safe beams (the same ones your TV remote uses) to warm up objects and people - rather than the air.

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The healthy way of heating

Far Infrared Heating works exactly the same way as the warmth we feel from the sun, but without the harmful rays.

Essentially, the main difference with Far Infrared heating compared to the traditional heating system is that it works by gently heating objects and surfaces to a comfortable temperature and not the air in the room. Meaning you won’t lose the heat when opening doors or in a draughty room.

Far infrared heating is so energy efficient that running costs are comparable to a gas central heating systems so if your building doesn’t have a gas supply then it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to keep it warm!

Enjoy the benefits of
far infrared heating.

At MTG Energy Solutions, we can supply and install panels which suit the interior of your home.
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No more stuffy air!

With far infrared, there is no more stuffiness since it heats up objects rather than air. With no dust circulation or damp spots, switching to this heating system can massively help with your health.

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Reduce the humidity

As it removes condensation in your home, compared to conventional heating systems - it helps banish mould, mildew and damp sections.

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It's more economical to run!

You can expect to save 60% on your energy as far infrared costs less to run than your standard, conventional heating systems.

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