Farmers swap crops for energy as east of England solar farm proposals double

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Solar farms are large scale solar installations that produce safe energy. Solar farms install their solar panels into the ground across large areas of land. Having a solar farm comes with several benefits:

  • The land where solar farms are assembled can provide a better habitat for animals and plants. More times than not, the area around a solar farm is grass, meaning it is safe for the local wildlife to forage between the rows of panels.
  • Solar farms have a high return on investment. You can save on your electricity bill, and maintenance costs are low.
  • Solar panels have no moving parts, the parts they do have are installed inside of sound-proof boxes, meaning noise isn’t an issue.
  • They also reduce carbon emissions. Solar farms create clean energy that doesn’t harm the environment.

Installing solar systems creates clean solar energy that’s also renewable, easy on the environment, and financially beneficial. Scientists predict that solar power will soon contribute to almost a quarter of the world’s energy.

In recent months the number of new solar farms planned for the East of England has doubled, as farmers decide to swap crops for clean energy.

The solar boom is expected to generate more than double the solar energy capacity that came forward for the east of England in the same months last year and would be enough to power the equivalent of 400,000 homes with clean energy.

Most of these new solar farms will be built on past agricultural land as landowners begin to swap growing crops for generating clean electricity.

The east of England is especially popular with renewable energy developers because of its flat fields and sunny weather. However, more landowners are starting to try solar power after UK Power Networks scrapped the upfront cost to connect to the local energy grid.

At the beginning of 2020, following new rules, solar farm developers can connect to the grid cheaper and faster to allow UK Power Networks to reduce their electricity output at times of low energy demand.

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